Social Sweats: What We Can Learn From Europe’s Old and New Ways

Every culture has its ancient sweat tradition: the Arabic hamman, Japanese onsen, Russian banya, Native American sweat lodge, the Mesoamerican temezcal – and, of course, the most globally ubiquitous…the European sauna.

But as entwined as bathhouse culture has become with many modern day societies, the seemingly omnipresent practice of using heat to release toxins is actually tens of thousands of years old, dating back to the Neolithic Age

sweating will get more spectacular and social in years ahead

the world needs to learn from European bathing/ sauna culture.

In countries like Finland (where saunas were born 2,000 years ago), Italy, Austria, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Hungary, Poland, etc., the rituals and facilities are often creative, deeply social and fabulous.

contrast therapy (taking a cold/snow plunge after, and repeating and repeating) is key to the health benefits, and to getting those endorphins pumping.

The powerful trend: sauna as the new social, community-creating “hangout” (and a healthy and hot alternative to bars and restaurants).

what’s been hot in Europe is poised for global discovery.

8 Global Wellness Trends for 2017 and Beyond 

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