Copper: The Magical Metal

At Soak Boulder, we provide saltwater soaking in copper tubs.

Why copper?

For reasons ranging from scientific to aesthetic, sanitary to environmental!

Copper is our choice because:

  1. Its metallic properties conduct heat faster and retain heat longer than traditional bathtubs. This means we can use less energy heating our tubs!
  2. Copper is highly resistant to mold and recognized as antimicrobial. Yay for sanitation!
  3. It is also corrosion resistant, making for more durable and long-lasting tubs.
  4. Once the life of a tub is maximized, being made of copper means it is more easily recycled.


We also happen to think it’s elegant – both from a design perspective and because it has self-healing properties. If the surface gets scratched, then over time, it will “heal” the scratches, making them once again smooth.

This concept of self-healing mirrors our promotion of taking radical responsibility for self-care so, of course we love it!

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