Water: The Element of Reconnection

Since antiquity, we gather at the well, the river, the sea. We create water-based rituals to cleanse, purify, release and integrate.

From faraway planets in space to the smallest village on earth, we know where there is water, there is life. 

Through prayer and dance, we beg the rains to come and bow to the power of this element. We rely on the waters to feed, fuel, transport and hold us. 

Our deep relationship with water unites us—not only with each other, but with ourselves and all that is alive.

Earth is 70% water. Our bodies, 60%.

Without water, we literally would not exist. The poetic and irreverent Tom Robbins even posits, “Human beings were invented by water as a device for transporting itself from one place to another.”

Perhaps this is why, when we return to water, it’s like coming home to ourselves.

This is our deep intention at Soak Boulder: to create simple, safe and sacred space for deep reconnection—centered around water, self-care and community.  

If you are enlivened and inspired to help make it happen, please reach out to connect and join our tribe!

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