What’s Trending? We Are #NailingIt!

Well + Good’s 2018 wellness trends just circulated and we are delighted to find that the #3 trend reads: 

“Self-care is essential, not an indulgence.”

And…according to our own local research, this trend is real!

In our initial market survey, 79% of respondents cited self-care as one of their top motivations for soak/sauna use, second only to “relaxation” (89%).

That’s why we are creating a space to truly downshift in the midst of daily life—our contribution to both a needed cultural shift and the bathhouse revival currently underway in the United States!

Once open, Soak Boulder will be the only local, affordable option for a full hydrotherapy circuit.

Beyond the well-documented advantages of the increasing demand for water-based contrast therapy, another major trend illuminated in the Global Wellness Institute’s “Eight Trends for Wellness in 2018” caught our eye: the critical role of social connection in both wellness and happiness.

“The happiness science lessons are clear,” the report states, citing two recent global studies. “[T]he wellness world needs to put a greater focus on happiness generally—and on driving social connection and technology disconnection specifically.”

Gloriously, Soak Boulder speaks to these two interconnected factors. Not only will soaking spaces be “digital detox” zones, but our design includes a large community area complete with saltwater soaks, dry saunas and cold plunge—a hip, urban, hangout alternative to bars and clubs.

Of course, we’ll also offer private rooms with a complete hydrotherapy circuit if you’re seeking sanctuary or looking for a cozy space to have a meetup, both equally valid ways to unplug and spend time reconnecting with what matters most.

We can’t wait to welcome you to Soak Boulder and into a happier, healthier way of being.

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