Challenge Accepted: Proof of Concept

Even when utilizing a replicable, proven, and lucrative business model as a pioneering sister site of Soak on the Sound (a wildly successful bathhouse in Washington state),

…the landscape of our progressive Boulder culture requires a boost in our approach to establishing proof of concept.  

Everything in our locale is different: climate, economy, competitive landscape, consumer interests and behaviors, demographics, and a long list of other factors.


Establish proof of concept for a brick-and-mortar business in an untapped and unproven market for personal self-care hydrotherapy services.


Illustrate community need and interest (market) with a major demonstration of early support (demand).  According to our amazing tribe of mentors and consultants, and this article on, incorporating new methods and tools into a the traditional framework of a product development and launch strategy ensures the product is marketable.  The short version – bring customers in early by involving them in your product launch.


In tandem with our current market research efforts, launch a stellar presale campaign, right now, that:

1. Triggers an influx of consumer engagement;

2. Proves people are willing to buy early in eager anticipation of the business actually opening; and

3. Honors early support and commitment from customers with deep discounts on soak services!  

The last bathhouse to exist in Boulder closed in the early 1980s, and the city’s persona has changed tremendously since then. We are currently conducting a comprehensive research strategy to glean insights on what the landscape is today.

After putting forth an initial local market survey that yielded a load of awesome insights about our market, and after successfully closing our seed round of funding, our confidence in this vision is amplified and ever growing.

Everyone we talk to has an immediate and incredulous response, inevitably including the question,

“Why doesn’t Boulder have this already?”

Well, it’s about to!

Join us and be one to say “I made Soak Boulder happen!”

  •  PURCHASE: 50% OFF Soak Passes –ACT NOW! (offer ends March 31st).

  • GIVE: A gift of $100+ garners membership in the Soak Boulder Tribe.

  • MORE: Opportunities available for deeper involvement as a founding partner – Contact Us!

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