Shaped by our experiences in this overextended culture, and ever drawn to purpose-based endeavors, we knew we had work to do together in the world.

Soak Boulder fulfills a growing need that is currently unmet by traditional spa settings, gym facilities, and “nearby” mineral hot springs: an accessible and affordable hydrotherapy option—a clean, contemporary bathhouse setting where you can downshift your nervous system.

After meeting founder and creatress of Soak on the Sound, Wren Farris, we felt destined to bring Soak to the Front Range and are thrilled to seize a major opportunity to fuel an industry that is about to explode. 

Put another way: Soak Boulder is meant to be, and we feel meant to create it.

— Alexis Valentine & Corin Blanchard —



Recognizing the need to offer remedy to our gripped and overworked culture—inspired by her own profound healing journey with water-as-medicine—creatress, Wren Farris, founded Soak on the Sound over 5 years ago.

Its immediate, wild, and continued success ignited an even greater possibility: a vibrant national network of signature bathhouses renowned as wellsprings for rejuvenation and reconnection.

Av cb and wren

We are partnering with Soak Headquarters to bring that greater vision to life as a pioneering sister site, building on the success and wisdom of the original location while bringing a fresh opportunity to Boulder.