For the past seven years, we have known we have work to do together in the world.

We dabbled in collaborative service projects here and there, but had yet to feel that powerful and profound YES…until now!

Soaking in a 106°F mineral bath next to the Colorado River in early 2017, we started talking about a bathhouse model one of us recently heard of, and a ripple of possibility passed between us.

It was one of those moments. Our breath caught, our hearts quickened. With irrepressible smiles, we felt suddenly quite awake…

In a way words can’t quite express, the idea of bringing Soak to Boulder spoke to a deep longing in each of us—and that desire, once liberated, could not be suppressed.

A vision started flowing freely and we began spouting ideas of how to steward it forward. In that moment, we fell deeply in love with Soak and knew we were destined to bring it to the people of Boulder.

This stream of clarity and purpose flows through our veins and beckons us each day with an aliveness we didn’t know was possible, as if everything we have done in our lives finds meaning and expression through this endeavor. Put another way: Soak Boulder is meant to be, and we feel meant to create it.

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