Corin Blanchard


A passionate entrepreneur, healer, community-builder, educator and writer, Corin  believes self-care, connection and ritual are critical to the well being of all. A people-mobilizer, resource-gatherer, system leader and vision steward, she is practiced at grounding dreams into lasting reality.

  • 20 yrs mobilizing & managing effective teams ranging from 7-80
  • 8 yrs as an owner/operator of private bodywork practice
  • Strong operational, relational & administrative skills/experience
  • Community-oriented system leader adept at bringing form to inspired visions

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Alexis Valentine


Alexis is a creative and resourceful, professional problem solver with over 15 years of experience in organizational design, strategic planning, leadership and management. As a successful business owner, co-founder, and business consultant, she leverages her diverse skillset to create lasting positive change in startup and growth phase organizations via practical and progressive infrastructure solutions.

  • 15 yrs cross-sector consultant for small to medium-sized businesses
  • 7 yrs experience as an owner/operator and strategic leader
  • Extensive background in financial management, human resources, and business management
  • Creative & resourceful problem-solver committed to win-win solutions

For more insight on her background, education and experience, visit Alexis on LinkedIn.

Wren Farris


Recognizing the need to offer remedy to our gripped and overworked culture—inspired by her own profound healing journey with water-as-medicine—creatress, Wren Farris, founded Soak on the Sound over 5 years ago.

Its immediate, wild, and continued success ignited an even greater possibility: a vibrant national network of signature bathhouses renowned as wellsprings for rejuvenation and re-connection.

Wren is a visionary entrepreneur, writer and coach who lives in a sweet beach house with her partner and two black cats.

Read Wren’s full story in her book Soak: An Homage to Water.

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