We believe a healthy world is one where self-care is central, not an occasional luxury or an afterthought.

We promote our belief by inviting people to take radical responsibility for their self-care so they are better equipped to show up fully for life.

That is why we are building Soak Boulder—a saltwater bathhouse based on a wildly successful model and informed by ancient tradition, new wisdom, and emerging trends.

From creating an elegant physical space and nurturing community experience to fostering a vibrant workplace culture, we are committed to embodying our core values.


  • Nourishment of body and spirit

  • Radical responsibility for self-care

  • Connectedness to self, community, and what you hold sacred

  • Vitality and integrity in self and with others

  • Simplicity and responsible sourcing

  • Care for all life


Recognizing the need to offer remedy to our gripped and overworked culture—and inspired by her own profound healing journey with water-as-medicine—creatress, Wren Farris, founded Soak on the Sound nearly 5 years ago. Its immediate, wild, and continued success ignited an even greater possibility: a vibrant national network of signature bathhouses renowned as wellsprings for rejuvenation and re-connection.

We are partnering to bring that greater vision to life as a pioneering sister site. We are building on the success and wisdom of the original location while bringing a fresh opportunity to Boulder: saltwater soaking in a contemporary, clean bathhouse setting.

For more about how we got here, read our story.