What will it take to open our doors in 2020? 

We are mobilizing a total of $2.5M, and we offer multiple ways for you to get in on the action. 

If you are abuzz with excitement for this vision, we want you to know your support really matters!

Soak Boulder is intended to be a place that serves and is fueled by community. How we source financial resources is no exception. 


OMG, Soak me now!

Pre-purchase discounted Soak Passes at 10% off! Available in quantities of 5, 10 or 20 packs—plus grab a spot at our exclusive tribe only pre-opening party (while tickets last). 


I am ready to bankroll this thing!

Get in on the leading edge of an industry that is about to explode in the U.S. CONTACT US to learn more about becoming a founding partner in our community of catalysts. 


Here’s a gift, no strings attached!

Help steward this vision and support our team. Make a meaningful contribution of $100 to $5,000 through our Give Campaign as a way to contribute beyond purchasing soaks.

Thank you for your support—and please spread the word!