Born over 2,000 years ago…

… in Finland, saunas are a mainstay throughout European cultures, and creatively maximizing this intense sweat experience is practically a way of life.

Contrast therapy—plunging into cold water or snow in between sauna sessions, and doing that on repeat—is widely touted as the highest leverage way to sauna, stimulating endorphin production and maximizing health benefits.

At Soak Boulder, sauna access is included in your soaking experience!


Community Space and Private Soak/Sauna

Enjoy simple, elegant and nourishing Finnish-style dry cedar saunas. A bucket of water and ladle are provided, putting you in control of your sauna experience.

Four Elements Rooms

Each sauna is custom designed to enhance the experience being evoked. Immersed in these spaces, you’ll encounter distinct and creative color, materials, smell, texture, and even sound as you connect deeply with air, fire, earth or water. (Available for small groups of up to 6)

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