A Gift for Soak Boulder




Welcome to Soak Boulder’s Give Campaign, where you can gift to this project any amount ranging from $100 to $5,000 and become part of the Soak Boulder Tribe.

 A gift may be the perfect contribution if:

  • You love the vision and project, but live too far away to access the facilities
  • You simply want to see this happen and don’t require a return on your investment
  • You want in on the Soak Boulder Tribe yet aren’t in a position to become a founding partner
  • You have family/friends who yearn for hydrotherapy and want to do your part
  • You believe in the Soak Boulder team and want to cheer us on

Gifts of any size garner you membership in the Soak Boulder Tribe, our community of catalysts and contributors. Tribe members receive awesome Soak benefits, invites to tribe-only events, exclusive offers and special access.